Agnelli sends messages to Juventus employees after resignation

Andrea Agnelli sends his goodbye messages to Juventus employees following his resignation as the club’s president.

The patron along with all of the club’s board members suddenly announced their resignation on Monday. Juventus have also made an official statement regarding the previous board members stepping away from their roles following a recent investigation on capital gains and alleged hidden salaries paid to their players during Covid.

The investigation regarding those cases is reportedly getting serious and intense, forcing the board members to step down. Soon after the resignation, Agnelli explained the situation with a letter for the club’s employees

The ex-President pretty much stated how there’s no longer unity at the club.  Nevertheless, Agnelli also hopes that after his resignation, the new board members can start things new and help the Bianconeri rise again.

Aside from experiencing the investigation process, Juve are also having financial issues as they post €245 loss, a record in Serie A history.

“When the team is not united, then that opens the way for opponents to hurt you and that can be fatal,” Agnelli said in his statement (via Football Italia)

“At that moment, you must have the sharpness of mind to contain the damage: we are facing a delicate moment as a club and that unity is lost. Better to leave all together giving the opportunity for a new team to overturn that game.”

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