Cassano: “Allegri’s comments made me shiver”

Former Italian international Antonio Cassano has been critical of Juve’s Supercup defeat to Inter.

Having just recovered from Covid-19 which left his hospitalised, Fantantonio appeared on BoboTv (via Tuttosport) with his former team-mate and friend, Christian Vieri and was asked for his verdict on the game.

“Allegri says Juve played well against Inter? So I must have been watching another match, or else I had a broken TV.” was his damning verdict,

“It made me shiver when I heard after the game that Allegri and some players, evidently convinced by the coach, say they played a good game. Or at my house the match was not seen, or there was bad weather, but in 120 minutes Inter dominated and deserved to win.”

Cassano carried on with his tirade of criticism, by explaining that;

“Where did they have a good match? Defending for 120 minutes? Half an hour from the end it was 4-4-1-1 with Dybala marking Brozovic, two central midfielders. Inter played football for 120 minutes.”

With the Champions League set to resume next month, the man from Bari finished off by declaring:

If Juventus lose to Villarreal, keep an eye on Allegri’s future. If not in June. If the players are convinced they are playing well, then the club has a problem.”

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