Napoli’s Guintoli and Spalletti unlikely to join Juventus

Juventus’ interest in signing Napoli director Cristiano Guintoli and head coach Luciano Spalletti is unlikely to end up in anything significant.

The Bianconeri are reportedly still weighing up the future of their current coach, Massimiliano Allegri. Despite the coach’s ability in improving their result just before the World Cup break, his future is still up in the air.

Multiple reports suggest that Juventus could consider going for Luciano Spalletti next season. Their interest in Spalletti is influenced by their affection for acquiring the Partenopei’s director, Cristiano Guintoli.

However, according to Radio Kiss Kiss(via, Juve’s interest in two of Napoli’s important figures is unlikely to materialize.

Guintoli apparently has never shown any intention of leaving Napoli and has always reiterated his wish of staying at the club. Meanwhile, regarding Spalletti, it’s very likely that the Partenopei will be extending his stay for another season.

Napoli apparently have the option to extend the coach’s contract until 2024 at any time during this season. Considering their excellent form so far, it’s unlikely to see him parting ways with the Partenopei next season.

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