Video: Juventus launch new t-shirt campaign

Juventus announce the release of their new T-shirt which combine their black-white stripes with the rainbow colour.

The Bianconeri are offering a new interesting experience for their fans during this current off-season. Juve have officially launched a new T-shirt which combines their black-white stripes with the rainbow colour.

The purpose of the T-shirt campaign is to provide support for the Pride movement. In their official statement, Juventus reveal that all the proceeds from the shirt will be doubled and donated to the Rainbow Social Fund.

The shirt’s logo is quite colourful indeed and could potentially attract the modern generation into purchasing it.

Juventus already made the new T-Shirt available on their online store, so fans can immediately get their hands on it.

Showcasing their support for the pride movement, Juve also put out an interesting caption for the T-shirt campaign, “differences make the difference”.

The Bianconeri are currently on a short break and will start their pre-season training on July 4.

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